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Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor
Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

CL21 Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor


CBB21 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

High Voltage Capacitor

MKP-L1 Filter capacitor Module series tape series

MKP-S2 MKPH-S2 Snubber Capacitor

MKP-L1 DC capacitor series

AKMJ-2 AC filter capacitor

CBB81 High Voltage Capacitor

MKP/MKPH Induction Cooker Capacitor

AKMJ-1 AC filter capacitor

MKP-LG DC-Link capacitor

MKPH-R1 Resonance capacitor Plastic box series

MKPH-R1 Resonance capacitor Aluminum module series

AC Motor Capacitor

CBB65 Storage/filter capacitor

CBB61 AC Motor Capacitor

CBB60 AC Motor Capacitor

CBB61 AC Speed Governing Capacitor

X2 Anti-Electromagnetic Interfence Capacitor

X2 Anti-Electromagnetic Interference Capacitor

MKPH-R1 Resonance capacitor Aluminum module series

C o m p a n y    p r o f i l e

Located in shunde, established in 1999, Foshan Shunde Hongye Electronic Co., Ltd is one of the professional manufacturer of film capacitor in Southern China, specializing in the production and sale of 1 brand and  brand of2organic thin-film capacitors. Science and Technology Park cover area of 6000m², building area of 10000m², over 250 staff here, including 50 engineers and technicians people, 6 senior engineer.

Hongye capacitor has always focused on offering all kinds of organic thin-film capacitors, Nearly 15 years of constant innovation breakthrough, stick to the strictest production management, commit to high brand, high-positioned, High-pursuit, introduction of Japanese, and Taiwan technology, imported Material from South Korea SKC, Japan TORA, and national professional factory, which ensure our success of cost control, high quality and fast lead time, and Prove the leading of production capability in China. There are three workshops: needle capacitor manufacturing workshop to produce CL21-X, CL21, CBB21, CBB81, X2, MKP, MKPH; AC capacitor manufacturing workshop to produce CBB61, CBB60, CBB65; industrial capacitor manufacturing workshop to produce industrial capacitor. The production capacity is 120 million pieces of capacitors annually, mainly for the communications equipment, intelligent control system of appliance industry, industrial facilities.

Hongye Capacitor adhere to the quality policy of customer-oriented, enhance the quality of product continuously. Today all of our products comply with CQC, UL, CE, VDE, TUV, SGS strictly, and we got IS9001:2008 certification system management, and improve the integrated management continuously, expand Production scale, lower cost, Hongye capacitor only offer high-quality products, Excellent service, Every Hongye brand product get high reputation from the customers.


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